The Danger of Anger

 The Danger of Anger


“Be angry and do not sin, do not let the sun go down on your wrath nor give place to the devil.”

(Eph. 4:26-27)


                Someone once explained to me the subtle difference between anger and danger – only the letter “d” separates the two.  When a person is angry, danger is probably not too far away.  Anger leads to all sorts of danger.  One can be physical danger.  We’ve all heard stories where someone got so enraged that he started beating someone else.  Sadly, many women and children have felt the effects of anger and physical abuse.

                Anger also produces emotional danger.  I know the old saying says, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Unfortunately, that saying is very wrong.  For many people, their emotional scars run deeper than anything they’ve ever suffered physically.  Many people struggle with saying some very nasty things when they are angered.  Even though the person may not have meant what they said, the damage was done when the words were spoken.

                And of course, the greatest damage anger does is spiritual.  Anger adversely effects our relationship with God.  So what’s the solution?  The Bible says “be angry and do not sin.”  That tells me that anger, in and of itself, is not sin; but left unchecked it can lead to sin.  Remember, our Savior angrily turned over the money-changer tables in the temple, but in His case He was angry for a righteous cause.  But self-serving anger needs to be snuffed out as soon as we feel it rising within us.  Otherwise, we will “give place to the devil” to have a field day in our lives.  Ask God to remove your anger and replace it with His love and forgiveness. 


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