Weekly Events
Sunday Morning 9:15 am – Sunday School
Sunday Morning 10:30 am –  Morning
Sunday Evenings at 6:00pm – Evening Worship &  Team Kid
Wednesday Nights at 5:00 pm – Fellowship Meal
$5.00 per person, maximum $20.00 per family
Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm – 
Children’s Choir, Adult Choir, Adult Bible Study, Youth Gathering
Wednesday Night College Bible Study – 8:00pm
Upcoming Events
January Events
January 5th – 6th – Women’s Retreat
January 6th – Upward Games Begin
January 7th – Back to Church Sunday
January 9th – Triple L Luncheon
January 10th – Youth Room – Open House
January 14th – Sanctity of Human Life Day
January 14th – Youth SNAC
Jnauary 19th – Friday Nights at the Loft
January 21st – Widow/Widowers Banquet
February Events
February 9th – Night to Shine
March Events
March 23 – 25th – Living Cross

Black Oak Heights Baptist Church